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About me
I was born as Tom Hartmann on March 1st in 1956 in Duisburg, a working class town in Germany. My father was a sculptor and a scene painter and he taught me how to play my first chords on the accoustic guitar. My mother was a hobby artist and a secratary. Both passed away a few years ago. Today I live in Nuremberg, Germany and work as a singer, songwriter, author, instructor, producer and model.
The Trash Pop Pilots
U.C. Singer –Guitar
Dieter Schreiber –Bass
Uli Noack - Drums
Steffi Hellinger: Vocals & Dancing
Ursula Berg: Vocals & Dancing


The Band "Trash Pop Pilots" was founded in February 2008. Ronny van Dyke and the Trash Pop Pilots, this is  the culture of simple, true handcrafted rock music. A good song with a catchy hook line, played rough and wild, side by side the bass and drums, the guitar is screeching and at the top of that, a singer is sweating and screaming his soul out of his body – that's Rock 'n' Roll, these are the Trash Pop Pilots. A band that was never searched for, but just founded.  The Trash Pop Pilots have  produced the Album Rockers`n`Lovers.  It´s available at all Download shops as well as you can stream it. Ronny van Dyke and his famous Band is located in Nürnberg, (Nuremberg) Germany

Next Live Shows

29.02.2020 Kofferfabrik, Lange Str. 81, 90762 Fürth

28.09.2019 Stadtteilfest Siedlungen Süd, Glashaus

20.01.2018 Birthday Party, (privat) 90518 Altdorf

12.02.2018 Kofferfabrik, Lange Str. 81, 90762 Fürth

27.05.2018 Kirchweih GoHo, 90429 Nürnberg

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Tom Hartmann 
Schnieglinger Str. 225
DE-90427 Nuremberg
++49 0151 11352917
Tom Hartmann
++49 0151 11352917
Tom Hartmann
++49 0151 11352917
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